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Foster是一家意大利公司,成立于1973年。总部 位于意大利北部中间地带里的一处历史悠久的大楼,业务涉及到全世界50多个**。公司拥有四个生产基地,每年的产量达到50万件。
The Headquarters of Foster. A prestigious historical palace in the middle of Northern Italy. Company founded in 1973, Foster is an Italian company that operates in more than 50 countries worldwide, with 4 production sites which manufacture over 500.000 products each year.

ENVIRONMENT_ innovation and development mean for Foster respect and care for the surrounding environment. These efforts were rewarded in 2008 when Foster was included in the WWF club “Enterprises for Nature”. Respect for the environment is our future.

发展_高效的能源和先进的技术, 这是对产品和生产工序的发展进行研究的两大要素。我们的选择_除了使用先进的生产技术外,Foster还对细节非常关注:对我们来说每一件标准产品都相当于“量身定做”。
PROGRESS_ energy efficiency and advanced technology. Two cornerstones of the Foster research common to the development of both products and processes.

We can guarantee that our entire products are made in Italy: SS sinks and related auxiliaries, oven, gas hobs, electric hobs, 

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